Our Story

E1 Marketing Lab is a global provider of end-to-end digital customer loyalty and engagement solutions that drive incremental sales; serve up a better understanding of customer shopping behavior and the path-to-purchase; and personalize the shopping experience. We have built Wonder Rewards, a next generation loyalty marketing platform, engineered to connect consumers with brands and retailers.

In January of 2018, Cloud Union, the predecessor company of today’s E1 Marketing Lab, Inc., officially launched in the United States using a loyalty marketing business model that is very successful in Pacific Rim countries. After extensive consumer research E1 Marketing Labs set out to engineer, brand and market a next generation rewards platform.

First, we built our back end using Java on a MySQL database stored on Amazon Web Services servers. Next, we partnered with Salesforce to obtain license rights for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the #1 rated CRM software package available. Marketing Cloud provides our retail clients superior customer acquisition, retention and up-sell/cross-sell capabilities.

In July 2018, we unveiled “Wonder Rewards” –

the consumer-facing brand name and the design elements which support it. The same month, the website www.wonderrewards.com was launched. Wonder Rewards allows members to earn points at major brands and retailers and redeem those points for eGift Cards or cash deposits to their PayPal accounts.

In September 2018, the corresponding Wonder Rewards app was launched in both Apple and Android versions. The launch of the website and app, and the subsequent gain of thousands of consumer users to the program served to prove the effectiveness and the efficiencies of the platform, in addition to streamlining and optimizing the user experience.

As a rewards program, one of our unique differentiators is the ability for our members to earn points at many places and redeem those points at many places. For our retail clients, that means that the customer purchase data gathered is considerably more substantial than rewards programs that operate within the confines of a single brand.

In addition to efforts in the US, we allow consumers based in China to purchase shelf-stable products from US retailers. We handle the logistics that support this cross- border shopping activity from display of products on our Chinese-language website, to payments, to shipping to our warehouses in tax-free US states, to customs and, finally, delivery to our Chinese consumer member’s doorstep. This allows for local US brands and retailers to open their customer base up to millions of Chinese consumers.

E1 Marketing Lab is able to quickly integrate with brick-n-mortar retailers thanks to an exclusive partnership with PicoLabs, the developers of PiCoHub which connects any POS system to our back end. Cloud Union is soon launching OCR technology to allow the customers of smaller merchants to join our program with points earned when the scan their receipts.