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Our Story

We're the global provider of end-to-end digital customer loyalty and engagement solutions that drive incremental sales and serve up a better understanding of customer shopping behavior

Our Vision

We endeavor to bring local products to a global marketplace. To allow brands and retailers to know, understand and serve their customers like never before.


Our loyalty marketing platform will leverage your transactional data to provide insights and engage customers through digital personalized and targeted rewards.

Our Platform
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How It Works

The average consumer belongs to about 6 different loyalty programs; that same consumer only actively participates in 4 of them. The alliance loyalty model provides your current and future customers with many places to earn and redeem both in-store and online. The more earning and redemption opportunities a rewards program offers, the more appealing and engaging it is to consumers.

For brands and retailers, the competitive landscape is changing quickly. New threats are emerging. But new opportunities are as well. New technologies, combined with a better understanding of how today’s consumers make purchasing decisions, can help retailers compete and succeed.

 Differentiate your brand’s loyalty program with an alliance-based model. 

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